A natural self portrait mimicking Chuck Close’s grid system with a triadic color scheme. Using favorite lyrics from “Cinderella” by Mac Miller for personalization. Acrylic paint.
As you can tell, I am a fan of the yellow-purple complementary pairing. This piece taps into my psychedelic style that I am eager to continue.​ Acrylic paint.

Drawings made with vine charcoal that show gradation with both sharp and rounded objects.

Everyone in our patriarchal world spectates, and women and feminine-presenting people who are objectified take on both roles as spectators and spectacles. Porcelain clay. ​
The eyes have a dual meaning; they embody hypervigilance and gaze that feminine-presenting people constantly feel upon them. ​
A figure drawing depicting a woman grounded in herself. She is connected to everything and attached to nothing.​
Semi blind contour drawing
Homemade collages depicting principles of design. Focal point (left) and balance (right). 


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