Hi, I'm Sophie!

I studied Psychology and Digital Art at Elon University, and I am passionate about creating bold and energetic designs for people, places, and myself. My background in psychology allows me to use the sensory experience to connect with audiences through the purposeful juxtaposition of color, composition, and texture. 

Throughout my time working towards a creative career I have had unique experiences building my customized sneaker business and creating social media content for several companies. After a year of soul searching I have started the next chapter of my life and could not be more excited. I made the career shift from advertising to art therapy and will attend Pratt Institute this fall in pursuit of my masters in Art Therapy and Creative Development. 

I am detail-oriented, a great listener, and collaborative. I enjoy curating ideas that take multiple perspectives into account to practice effective communication in my work. I have extracurricular and in-house experience developing a body of work that is vivid, energetic, and striking. 

I am a passionate sketcher, graphic designer, animator, photographer, painter, and a hardcore doodler. When not doodling or watching Adobe Creative Suite tutorial videos, you can fine me collaging for my next Zine, or dreaming up the perfect foods to pair with dark chocolate. I am fascinated by the association between culture and addictive behaviors, how our internal and external realities can be shaped by the content we consume, how music serves as the bridge between what we can and cannot describe with words, and how music guides our sensation and perception when combined with movement and/or art. 


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Hiking Angel’s Landing at Zion National Park

My psychological analyses of the characters from Breaking Bad and BoJack Horseman

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